Hijacking has been on the increase across the world as static vehicle protection has improved. Simply attacking a moving, running, disarmed car is the easiest way a criminal can get their hands on the car they want. With the rise in violet hijackings the best thing you can do is simply get out of the car as fast as possible and avoid any conflict. Of secondary concern is making sure that your car is recovered, this is where anti-hijack comes in. Designed to allow you to get out and let the thief drive away, giving you time to get away and out of harms way.

The Ghost supports anti-hijack on many vehicles but not all. Contact your installer or Autowatch directly to find out more about your specific vehicle.


How does it work

Anti-hijack (if activated and compatible with the vehicle) is ready to be set in to action after the disarm sequence (PIN code) has been entered and the engine is running.

If the drivers side door is opened and the foot brake is not being pressed (simulating getting out of the drivers seat) the anti-hijack will start. At first nothing will happen and the car will drive normally. At around 300m the indication signal on the dash will start to flash, the number of flashes will increase for a while and then stop flashing. This indication is to remind you to enter your disarm sequence, which will cancel the anti-hijack and allow the car to keep driving. If you do not enter the disarm sequence then once the flashing stops the anti-hijack will be fully active and ready to immobilise the car.

Immobilisation will happen the next time the vehicle comes to a stop. This is done differently on different vehicles, some will stall, some will lock the gearbox in P.

At any point the disarm sequence will disarm anti-hijack and allow the car to drive normally. 

Unlike other systems, they Ghost will not leave error codes that need to be cleared with professional diagnostics tools when activating anti-hijack.


NOTE: Anti-hijack is not designed for the UK market, this is a feature designed for the global market. Activating this feature in the UK is not authorised by Autowatch UK Ltd.


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