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Ghost - Change disarm sequence

Changing your disarm sequence (PIN code) can be done at any time but there are few things that you will need know before you can complete this process successfully.

1. What buttons are available on your vehicle - this information should have been given to you by your installer as there are variations between vehicle versions and specifications.

2. Is your vehicle using the alternative to the accelerator input - check the list at the end of this article

3. What is your indication signal and how fast does it react - some vehicles have slow indications that are fine for normal operation but can be confusing when in sequence change mode, check the end of this article for some examples

4. Each button press needs to be within 2 seconds of the previous button press otherwise the Ghost will consider the sequence completed

5. Some buttons are only active up to 5 seconds after the ignition has been switched on

6. Some buttons require a long press (half a second) before activating, a short press will not register

7. The disarm sequence can be between 4 and 20 presses of any of the working buttons and buttons can be repeated

8. The service/valet button however can only be used 4 times in the disarm sequence

9. Decide what you want your new sequence to be before starting this procedure!

To start the process you need to have either the normal disarm sequence or the emergency override code (on the card)

Using the normal disarm sequence

To enter sequence change mode you need to follow these steps:

1. Switch on the ignition without starting the engine

2. Enter the current disarm sequence - 2 flash confirmation

3. Press and hold the accelerator pedal to the floor

4. Enter the current disarm sequence again - indication will start to flash once every 3 seconds, this means the Ghost is in learn mode

5. Release the accelerator pedal

6. Enter the new disarm sequence 

7. Wait for 3 flashes

8. Enter the new disarm sequence again

9. 2 flashes confirms that the process was successful, 4 flashes means there was an error. If there was an error the disarm sequence will not be changed.

Using the emergency code

If you have forgotten to disarm sequence or it is not working for whatever reason you can use the emergency code on the black card that came with your Ghost. The number you are looking for is the 4 digit number under the scratch off area. To use this you need to follow the steps provided in the Emergency code help section

Having problems with this?

1. On new BMW (G chassis) there is no traditional ignition state, to enter the correct mode press quickly the start button 3 times until diagnostic mode is active and the instrument lamps become active.

2. If the process is not successful you should always be able to use the old disarm sequence, this will not be erased at any point.

3. Vehicles is alternative inputs for accelerator
a. Porsche models before 2018 - press and hold the hazard switch to simulate the accelerator being pressed and held
b. Some Audi / VW / SEAT / Skoda / Bentley - if the accelerator does not work use the high-beam flash (pull towards the driver)
c. Some post 2017 Range Rover / Land Rover / Jaguar - if the accelerator does not work use the high-beam flash (pull towards the driver)

4. On vehicle that use the accelerator as part of the disarm sequence you must move step 3 (press and hold accelerator) to the end of the disarm code repeat. 

5. Ignition is defined at when all the instrument lamps turn on and back off and the car is fully active. On some vehicles it this might take 2 presses of the start button without your foot on the clutch or brake.

Ghost - Service / valet mode

Service / valet mode allows you to hand over the keys to your car to someone without having to give them your disarm sequence. This way they get to know that your car is protected by the Ghost. Use this mode when you take your car for service or valet parking. Here are a few key points about service mode.

- Allows for an indefinite amount for starts and drives without needing the disarm sequence
- Turns off all key learning protection (this is still active when the Ghost is disarmed!)
- Can be manually turned exited
- Will exit automatically when driven for a reasonable time

How to enter service / valet mode

1. Disarm the system using your disarm sequence or mobile app

2. Drive to, and park up at the dealership, airport, valeter’s etc and while the engine is still running, turn the app completely off then press your service button 5 times

3. The indication lamp will flash back at you 5 times to confirm service / valet mode has been entered

How to exit service / valet mode manually

1. Simply enter your normal disarm sequence (must have an ignition cycle since service mode was entered)

2. There will be the normal disarm 2 flash confirmation

3. The next time the ignition is switched off the Ghost will rearm as normal

How service / valet mode exits automatically

1. Drive up to 31 mph (50 kph) 

2. Continue to drive (at any speed) for 15 minutes

3. Once the time as elapsed there will be 2 flashes to indicate that service / valet mode has exited

Note 1: If you switch off the ignition before the 15 minutes time has elapsed the Ghost will stay in service / valet mode

Note 2: Should you not know what your service button is contact us or your installation company

Ghost - Problems entering disarm sequence

These tips are helpful if you are trying to enter your disarm sequence are not getting your 2 flash confirmation that the Ghost is disarmed. 

- Are there any switches that need to be in a particular position before entering the code (mirror adjustment, cruise control on, fan on etc.)

- Are you waiting for the 2 flash confirmation before trying to start

- Try waiting 5 seconds before trying to enter the disarm sequence, if that does not work try waiting 10 seconds after switching on ignition before trying the disarm sequence

- Make sure you are switching on full ignition, not just accessory power. The dash lights should all light up and then most of them will turn off

Finally if none of these are working try these things.

1. Use the 4 digit emergency code on the back of the emergency code behind the scratch off area (check card for details)

2. Remove the vehicle battery for 2 minutes and try the normal process again

Ghost - Problems with stop / start

The stop/start eco mode on modern cars is a very complicated and sensitive system that requires just the right inputs before it will work correctly. These include battery voltage, engine temperature, external temperature, what electrical systems are active and many more. When the system does not work as expected it can be very difficult to diagnose what is causing the problem, in almost all cases it is not Ghost related but here are a few things you can try if you are having a problem and suspect it is Ghost related. Alternatively if your engine will not restart when stop/start is active then there is a different test you can do, see below.

Check in service / valet mode

If you enter service / valet mode your Ghost will effectively be as if it was disconnected from the car. This will allow you to see if the Ghost is having any impact on the stop/start functionality. Try these steps to make sure the vehicle is ready for the test.

1. Start and drive normally without entering service mode. Make sure the vehicle is warm (20 minutes should do it) and that the battery is fully charged. If you vehicle has not been driven much or the battery is old make sure that it is fully charged before trying this test.

2. Confirm that stop/start is not working as expected. In many cars there is a menu in the infotainment system that will give some indication as to why the system is not working.

3. Stop somewhere and put the Ghost into service / valet mode by pressing the service button 5 times. Make sure to get the 5 flashes to confirm that this was successful.

4. Switch off the ignition and lock the car, wait 60 seconds.

5. Unlock and start without entering the disarm sequence (PIN code)

6. Do another test drive to see if the stop/start is now functioning. If it is still not functioning then it is most likely not a Ghost related problem.

Engine not restarting with stop/start

If the stop/start is intermittently working fine but intermittently the engine will not restart then try this.

1. Make sure you are waiting for the 2 flash confirmation of disarm BEFORE starting

2. If that does not solve the problem then follow the steps above to see if the problem is Ghost related by using the service / valet mode test

3. If there are occasional flashes of the indication whilst driving then you need to contact your installation company as there is a physical problem with either the installation or the Ghost.

Hijacking has been on the increase across the world as static vehicle protection has improved. Simply attacking a moving, running, disarmed car is the easiest way a criminal can get their hands on the car they want. With the rise in violet hijackings the best thing you can do is simply get out of the car as fast as possible and avoid any conflict. Of secondary concern is making sure that your car is recovered, this is where anti-hijack comes in. Designed to allow you to get out and let the thief drive away, giving you time to get away and out of harms way.

The Ghost supports anti-hijack on many vehicles but not all. Contact your installer or Autowatch directly to find out more about your specific vehicle.


How does it work

Anti-hijack (if activated and compatible with the vehicle) is ready to be set in to action after the disarm sequence (PIN code) has been entered and the engine is running.

If the drivers side door is opened and the foot brake is not being pressed (simulating getting out of the drivers seat) the anti-hijack will start. At first nothing will happen and the car will drive normally. At around 300m the indication signal on the dash will start to flash, the number of flashes will increase for a while and then stop flashing. This indication is to remind you to enter your disarm sequence, which will cancel the anti-hijack and allow the car to keep driving. If you do not enter the disarm sequence then once the flashing stops the anti-hijack will be fully active and ready to immobilise the car.

Immobilisation will happen the next time the vehicle comes to a stop. This is done differently on different vehicles, some will stall, some will lock the gearbox in P.

At any point the disarm sequence will disarm anti-hijack and allow the car to drive normally. 

Unlike other systems, they Ghost will not leave error codes that need to be cleared with professional diagnostics tools when activating anti-hijack.


NOTE: Anti-hijack is not designed for the UK market, this is a feature designed for the global market. Activating this feature in the UK is not authorised by Autowatch UK Ltd.

Ghost - Phone apps and tags


Check here to make sure you have the correct version of application for your particular version of the Ghost:

Ghost-II Android: "Autowatch Ghost-II"

Ghost-II iOS: "Autowatch Ghost-II"

Original Ghost iOS: "Autowatch Ghost"

Note: There is no Android version for the original Ghost. The Ghost-II application will not pair with an original Ghost.

If you have any doubt if about which version you have just have a look at your card. If your card has "GHOST-II" on the front it is a Ghost-II otherwise if it has "GHOST" on the front it is an original Ghost.

Pairing the phone

Pairing your phone with the Ghost requires the following process.

Step 1: Download the appropriate application for your Ghost version and device. Make sure you have your emergency card which also has the Bluetooth pairing code cleared and readable. 

Step 2: Open the application and press the "+" button on the top right hand corner - for the original Ghost application open the setting menu in the application and select pair with vehicle. The application will now be searching for the Ghost

Step 3: Get the Ghost into pairing mode by entering disarm sequence (PIN code) change mode and pressing the service/valet button once. 

Step 4: Wait for the Bluetooth pairing request to pop up on the phone, this can take up to 30 seconds but is normally very fast. Enter the 6 digit Bluetooth pairing code on the phone.

Android app not pairing?

If your Android application is not pairing follow this process to go to Settings->General management->Reset->Reset network settings and the select Reset.

Details coming soon...

These are possible resolutions for if you are having problems starting after entering your disarm sequence (PIN code) and getting your 2 flash confirmations. Symptoms like continuous crank without starting or ignition turning off before trying to start. This is sometimes needed for newer VAG cars, S3, SQ5, Golf MK7.5 GTI etc.

Process 1:

1. Switch on the ignition

2. Enter your disarm sequence

3. Wait for the 2 flash confirmation

4. Press the service button 5 times to enter service / valet mode

5. Wait for the 5 flash confirmation

6. Switch off the ignition

7. Toggle the ignition on and off (without trying to start) 5 times

8. Start the engine

9. If all is working now you can enter the disarm sequence to exit service / valet mode

Process 2: 

1. Switch on the ignition

2. Enter your disarm sequence

3. Wait for the 2 flash confirmation

4. Do no start the engine

5. Switch off the ignition

6. Wait 1 minute

7. Switch on the ignition

8. Enter your disarm sequence

9. Wait for the 2 flash confirmation

10. Start the engine

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