The stop/start eco mode on modern cars is a very complicated and sensitive system that requires just the right inputs before it will work correctly. These include battery voltage, engine temperature, external temperature, what electrical systems are active and many more. When the system does not work as expected it can be very difficult to diagnose what is causing the problem, in almost all cases it is not Ghost related but here are a few things you can try if you are having a problem and suspect it is Ghost related. Alternatively if your engine will not restart when stop/start is active then there is a different test you can do, see below.

Check in service / valet mode

If you enter service / valet mode your Ghost will effectively be as if it was disconnected from the car. This will allow you to see if the Ghost is having any impact on the stop/start functionality. Try these steps to make sure the vehicle is ready for the test.

  1. Start and drive normally without entering service mode. Make sure the vehicle is warm (20 minutes should do it) and that the battery is fully charged. If you vehicle has not been driven much or the battery is old make sure that it is fully charged before trying this test.
  2. Confirm that stop/start is not working as expected. In many cars there is a menu in the infotainment system that will give some indication as to why the system is not working.
  3. Stop somewhere and put the Ghost into service / valet mode by pressing the service button 5 times. Make sure to get the 5 flashes to confirm that this was successful.
  4. Switch off the ignition and lock the car, wait 60 seconds.
  5. Unlock and start without entering the disarm sequence (PIN code)
  6. Do another test drive to see if the stop/start is now functioning. If it is still not functioning then it is most likely not a Ghost related problem.

Engine not restarting with stop/start

If the stop/start is intermittently working fine but intermittently the engine will not restart then try this.

  1. Make sure you are waiting for the 2 flash confirmation of disarm BEFORE starting
  2. If that does not solve the problem then follow the steps above to see if the problem is Ghost related by using the service / valet mode test
  3. If there are occasional flashes of the indication whilst driving then you need to contact your installation company as there is a physical problem with either the installation or the Ghost.

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