SinoTrack ST-901 Personal Real-Time GPS Tracking Device

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A hardwired stand-alone tracking device suitable for cars, vans, motorbikes, trucks and has rapidly become the top choice personal tracker being our best selling GPS tracker in 2022.

Track your vehicle with ease using your smartphone or computer, the tracker is iOS and Android ready.



  • Mobile friendly site
  • Track from smartphone or PC
  • Real-time hardwired GPS tracking device
  • Built-in backup battery
  • Ignition alerts
  • Vibration alerts
  • Movement alerts
  • Geofence alerts
  • Add multiple trackers to 1 account
  • Engine immobilisation (optional)


Real-Time Tracking Anywhere and Anytime

gps real time tracking

Product Overview

With the SinoTrack GPS tracker device, you can easily track your vehicle in real time. The app allows you to log your cars real-time location, trip history, driving habits, etc. The tracker has a built-in 150 mAh backup battery, this will only last 1-2 hours. So we recommend connecting it to your car's battery or engine, so that the tracker can stay powered all the time.


App Compatibility

The ST-901 GPS tracker is compatible with any smartphone, tablet, computer, iPad, etc. You can login to your account and track the car on Google maps via our free tracking platform anytime and anywhere. Never worry where your car is with seamless tracking.


Waterproof GPS Tracker for Cars

A dense, water tight design makes this tracker deeply waterproof, It is suitable for outdoor use and can prevent rain and dirt damaging internal components. (Attention: Please don’t put into water directly)


Data use

The ST-901 GPS tracker uses about 30MB data per month.


History Route Playback

The SinoTrack tracking platform provides history reports mapping all past locations, speed, addresses with dates and times via Web / App anytime and anywhere. Never miss a beat as the SinoTrack tracking platform updates every 60 seconds giving you a real-time view of what happened for anytime.


How to Quickly Setup the Tracker

1. – Activate SIM

Buy a local SIM card with 2G(GSM) network and Install the new SIM card into your mobile phone and activate the SIM card then remove the SIM card’s PIN code. Make sure it can make a call, send a text and has an internet connection. Once this is confirmed, insert SIM to your tracker.

2. – Turn on the tracker

Charge it about 1 hour first.

The yellow and blue indicator lights will start flashing while it searches for a network and GPS.

Please wait 5 minutes in a good reception area (by a window or outside) for both lights to come on constantly. It will continue to flash yellow if it can not find a network. Move it to another location.

Please note, when the device has a GPS signal it will get a GPS location. If not it will get its location using LBS.

3. - Setting APN for the tracker

(1) You need to know your tracker’s SIM card's APN (You can ask your SIM card provider);

(2) Please note the following operations require another phone number, send text message command to the tracker’s SIM card phone number to set tracker's APN.

For example:

APN is: everywhere

APN username is: eesecure

APN password is: secure

(1) If your SIM card’s APN is without username and password, then send text command (8030000+space+APN) to the tracker, it will reply “SET OK”.

Text command is: 8030000 everywhere

(2) If your APN with username and password:

Then send text Command(8030000 + Space + APN + Space + APN username + Space + APN password) to the tracker : 8030000 everywhere eesecure secure

Please note: Different SIM cards have different APN's. Please apply the above formula according to your actual APN to set up your tracker.

4. - Setting GPRS mode

Send the following text command to the device to set GPRS mode: 7100000

Then wait about 30 seconds, both blue and orange light should stay on which means you can now login to sinotrackpro (web or app) to check if the tracker is active. (Username is your tracker’s ID number that is labelled on the product, password: 123456)

If it is online but showing the wrong location, then take it outside where the GPRS signal is better, when it gets signal it will update your location.

If the device is not online, please check device settings, send: RCONF to the device.

It will reply the settings:

1. Check the APN is correct

2. Check the IP and Port is correct (IP and Port can be found in the user manual, you can compare its the same as the reply)

3. The device working model (GPRS model)

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