Mini Cooper Virtual Cluster Clock Upgrade (2014-2022)

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Our Mini Cooper virtual clocks were manufactured using the original design of the cluster to match the look of the vehicle and give a genuine feel to the system. Sticking with the concept of keeping that genuine feel, this cluster upgrade will still support all existing features of the original cluster. But don't worry we added plenty of customisable options for the screen to make it your own, with 4 themes to choose from you've got a variety of styles to work with to match your theme or mood! 
Main features:
  • Operating system: LINUX system
  • Main chip: T507 (CPU 4 cores 1.5GHZ)
  • Control: With steering wheel control
  • Operating voltage: 9V-16V
  • Supports multiple languages: French, German, English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, etc.



Will the new cluster support my mileage?
Yes, our cluster upgrade will support mileage and temperature display
Does the upgrade trigger any faults on the dash?
Error/fault messages are supported on the screen but the upgrade will not trigger any faults.
Can I install this screen myself?
This is a plug & play installation without additional adapters or mounting frames making connecting the speedometer a simple task... saying that removing the speedometer can be tricky, especially when the correct tools are not present on the job. We would always recommend professional installation to avoid damage to your vehicle or to your new cluster upgrade.
Is coding required?
The system is plug & play coding is not required.
Does this work with diesel cars?
Works with both petrol and diesel vehicles.


Compatible models:

  • Mini Cooper (2014-2022)

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