Tesla Model 3 / Model Y 4.6" (2017-2023) Rear Seat Climate Control Screen Upgrade

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Rear independent control system, touch screen operation of air conditioning temperature, rear seat heating, front passenger seat space adjustment, in-car multimedia control, independent switch, can enter the screen separately, can be adjusted to clock mode.

4.6 inch display 960x320 pixels high definition IPS LCD panel.
Control the main display for volume (up/down) and play / pause.
Heated seat controls for each individual seat
Move the driver seat forward and backwards
Temperature and fan controls
Automatic brightness adjust.
Lock and Unlock
Driver seat controls (moving forward and backwards)
Digital and Analog clock screensavers.
Select from USB-C or USB-A plates for the rear AC vent.

Tesla Model 3 2017-2023 Intel Versions
Tesla Model 3 2021-2023 AMD Versions
Tesla Model Y 2020-2023 Intel Versions
Tesla Model Y 2021-2023 AMD Versions

We provide 12 months warranty and workshop installation is available.

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